Filtex is specialized in the design and manufacture of customized filters . Prototypes and small numbers are usually built by Filtex themselves , larger series are built by our partners .


The concept of Filtex : Always go for the best filtration for each individual process.

This means that we try to find the right filter for the process of the customer. We are specialists in the area of ​​filter media and how filters can be produced.


Our clients are specialists in their respective products or processes. Consequently, both parties can only meet the perfect solution .

This is also the strength of Filtex .
Because there are thousands of different
filter media and components.

Technical specifications? We will gladly help you.

Technical questions or problems? We are happy to help !

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About us

Our workshop , offices and warehouse are constantly evolving with our company . Flexibility is very important for us, it keeps the overhead (and therefore costs ) as low as possible. This is also to the benefit of our customers. It also helps keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

Our realizations

We were already different filters for different customers ! Take a look at our achievements and discover them yourself!