Cleanable compressor / blower filters

With many companies are compressors or blowers the heart of the factory. In the (petro) chemical industries often provide the required high process pressure or are they responsible for the transportation of granular products. Very important in compressors and / or blowers, the quality of the captured air. Because of the huge volume of air or gas being recorded every hour, every minute amount of pollution can have a major impact on the components of the compressor or the downstream equipment. Compressorrotoren work with minimal clearances. Dirt particles can cause serious damage, causing performance and reduced operating costs increased. High-quality air filters are vital and provide the necessary clean air. Once the pores of the filters become clogged, the pressure difference is very quickly and the filters need replacing. Many manufacturers of compressors and blowers play in handy here, creating a lucrative after-sales market.

Filtex has, therefore, been a cleanable filter element on the market. A filter element made entirely in metal, and that with a high pressure (water) spray can be perfectly cleaned.

This filter element for many years with great success used by multinationals like Total and Exxon.

It helps not only the operating costs get down, our members also have the following advantages:

No expensive spares more (stock management, physical storage, logistics, ..)
Reducing waste
Much stronger than paper / synthetic filters, so no breakthrough of the filter medium
Filtex makes copies of existing original filters, with the same dimensions, fineness and efficiency, but much more robust and completely in metal.


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