Dristributor tray plugs

Distillation columns use trays with nozzles to hold the catalyst bed in place.

Gasses and liquids pass through these nozzles while the catalystbed is held in place.

Filtex has been supplying nozzles for these distributor trays for many years.
The nozzles can be made from plastic or metal.

This customer has a column with stainless steel nozzles made from Johnson screen wedge wire.
After many years of service, the customer noticed that they occasionally had to blind a nozzle because of breakage of some welds of the wedge wire.
In the past, the customer closed the leaking nozzles with a closed nut cap.
The customer developped together with Filtex, special caps that can easily be screwed onto the existing nozzles at the bottom of the tray.
The special caps are made from a nut in which a perforated tube is welded.
In this way the leak is stopped and the customer retains the operation of the nozzle.

The result is that the destilation column still has these same performance.



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