Reactor Internals

Filtex represents Aqseptence (Johnson screens) for Belgium and the Netherlands. Johnson Screens fabricates a wide variety of screen products in V-wire or punched plate for media retention and liquid solid separation that are used in many type of vessels, systems an processes.

regenerator screen regenerator screen regenerator screen 

Down flow

These systems are widely used in hydrotreaters, desulfurizers, hydrocrackers, moleculaar sieves, sand filters, gas sweeteners and other adsorption systems.

We provide:

  • Inlet Baskets
  • Scale traps
  • Nozzles
  • Header Laterals
  • Distributor Trays
  • Support Grids
  • Overlay Grids
  • Horizontal Vessel Support Grids
  • Outlet Baskets

down flow

Radial flow

These systems are well-suited for Catalyc reforming, Styrene dehydrogenation, Nox removal systems, Solvent recovery, hydrodesulphurizing units, Mercury removal, Ammonia converters, Isomerization systems,...

We provide:

  • Centerpipes and Outer Baskets 
  • Perforated Plate Scallops
  • V-Wire Scallops
  • Optimiser Scallops




Aqseptence has a very experienced field service staff. We install the screens or assist with the installation and also do repairs and upgrades to your existing screens.

radial flow


For more detailed information, please contact: or +32 486866835

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